BURLINGTON, ON, CANADA – (August 17th, 2021) – Qwhery had the pleasure of participating in the Entrepreneurship World Cup as a Canadian National Finalist. The World Cup is an annual event in which a handful of startups are given the chance to present their business model pitches to a panel of judges.

Entrepreneurship World Cup

The Entrepreneurship World Cup takes place annually, and since its launch in 2019, it has supported more than 300,000 entrepreneurs in 200 countries. Numerous national competitions take place over several months, ending with the top 25 startups pitching on a global stage for a share of $1 million USD.

For the EWC 2021, CEO Matt Pietryszyn, on behalf of Qwhery Inc, presented Qwhery’s business model as a Canadian National Finalist, alongside 8 other startups for a chance to go to the World Finals in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. 

While Qwhery did not place in the top two spots, it was an amazing and honorable experience to have. 

Check out our pitch from the virtual stage. 


Qwhery Inc.

Qwhery Inc, is a leader in implementing voice technology and geographic information systems. Their flagship product, Q11, connects smart home devices and voice assistants to local government open data portals. The Qwhery cloud helps Cities connect the services that they provide to their residents in a way that is truly unique – through smart home technology, open data and community engagement. More information can be found at Qwhery.com. Follow us on Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.