What is the Qwhery.cloud?

The Qwhery.cloud is the secure portal where registered users can manage the connection between their organization’s data feeds and our Alexa skill, Q11. The Qwhery.cloud is also where you’ll find all of the resources to help you make the most of your subscription to Q11, including marketing tips, templates, data specification documents and more.

Consider the Qwhery.cloud as the engine that drives your citizen voice engagements and your City’s data is the fuel.

Connect data to Voice commands.

Cities provide a multitude of services to the public. These services are related to the location of where you live, work and play. The Qwhery.cloud is able to connect voice assistants with data that cities publish, and this integration is really powerful when you add location.

Most cities have a GIS department that creates, manages and shares mapping data to help support the operations within the city and the services they provide. This mapping data can be used to share information to residents through their Alexa-enabled devices. Ask Alexa, “Where do I go go to vote?” or “What’s happening downtown this weekend?”, “Where can I go to play tennis?” or “Who is my City Councillor?”.

These are all questions that have a common bond… Location! Whether it’s the location of the service being provided, or your location where you live. The Qwhery.cloud is the platform that helps connect city services, data, location and voice technology.

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