Q11 by Qwhery

Introducing Q11

Q11 is a new communication channel that brings local government information to residents, instantly.

Municipalities are focusing on building smarter cities and that starts with understanding how to better engage with their citizens.

Voice Assistant skills provide residents with specific & accurate responses based on authoritative data and location.

works with the Google Assistant
works with amazon alxa
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Q11 by Qwhery

The Qwhery Cloud

Mapping your city’s data to voice-enabled devices.

The Qwhery Cloud is the secure portal where registered users can manage the connection between their organization’s data feeds and our Alexa skill, Q11. The Qwhery Cloud is also where you’ll find all of the resources to help you make the most of your subscription to Q11, including marketing tips, templates, data specification documents and more.

Consider the Qwhery Cloud as the engine that drives your citizen voice engagements and your open data the fuel.

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a question addressed to a local government usually associated with or near a location
“send a Qwhery with Q11 to local government open data portals and return service details”

to ask a question about municipal services that are available to you and your community
“many people Qwhery the city’s website  to learn all about the services available to them”