BURLINGTON, ON, CANADA – (June 1, 2022) – Have you ever wanted a better way to find out your property value? Are you frustrated with searching through endless website pages to get information about your property? Don’t you wish you could just ask the website for the information you want? Well now you can!


Smart Rutherford is a voice activated interactive link to your local government. How does it work, you ask? On an android device say “Hey Google” to activate your Google Assistant. Then say “talk to Smart Rutherford”. Follow the directions to grant permissions on your phone. Next say “what’s my property value?” to find the assessed and appraised value for any property in Rutherford County Tennessee!

If you have an Amazon Echo device or smart speaker you can also use that as well to access the “Smart Rutherford” application. On your smart speaker simply say “Alexa. Open Smart Rutherford” to begin the process. If you have an iPhone you can use that as well. Just download the free “Alexa app”. We have attached a short video to show you how easy the activation process is on an Apple device.

What you are seeing is phase one in Smart Rutherford’s development process. In the future you will be able to access a great number of county and city services via Smart Rutherford. In the future you can register to sign up to have your property assessment change notices emailed to you via Smart Rutherford. This one innovation can save thousands of dollars in printing and postage. It saves your tax dollars and helps to keep your taxes low!

It should make you happy to know Rutherford County is the first community in the nation to make this available to her citizens. Give it a try! Please send us suggestions for improvements to: assessor@rutherfordcountytn.gov

Click to view Demonstration Video of Smart Rutherford

Smart Rutherford uses a combination of technology platforms built by Qwhery Inc & Esri Inc.