Talk to your government.

Since its inception, 311 has evolved with technological advances into a multi-channel service that connects citizen with government, while also providing a wealth of data that improves how cities are run. Q11 is the modern way to get current information from your local government.

When you enable the Q11 skill on your smart home device, you can ask your local municipality questions about the services you’re interested in. Get up-to-date information about events, parks, programs near your home.

What is Q11?

Cities and Citizens have benefited greatly from the three-number hotline 311. The result was quicker and more efficient resolutions for citizens and more data to improve local government service delivery.

As populations grow, and Municipal budgets shrink, it gets more and more difficult to handle the volume of phone calls to 311 and meet municipal service levels.

Q11 connects your smart home devices to your local government Open Data, tapping into information about services  and local events or to report problems like graffiti or road damage.

Enable the Q11 Skill

Benefits of Custom Voice Skills

Voice Assistants & Smart Home Technology

Voice Assistants and Smart Home Technology is poised for incredible growth. With a lack of civic engagement, and a current focus on building smarter cities, it makes sense to consider how technology can help connect citizens to City provided services in new ways.

Out of the box, responses from Alexa are general, and could be incorrect based on Google searches, providing the resident with inaccurate information regarding current City services.

Custom skills provide the resident with a specific & accurate response based on authoritative data and additional service information.

Voice Assistants are a growing channel for engaging with community members. Connect your city’s open data to the and start a whole new conversation with your constituents.

Q11 Suite of Skills


Available Now!

  • City Councillor Information

  • Ward Information

  • Councillor & Committee Meetings

  • Nearby Parks & Amenities

  • Community Events

  • Property Zoning

  • Waste Collection Schedules

  • Planning & Development Projects

  • COVID-19 Related Data for your County or Health Region

Q11: Citizen Reporter

Coming Soon…

  • Report a Pothole

  • Report Graffiti

  • Report a Streetlight Outage

  • Broken Infrastructure

  • Parking Complaints

  • Property Bylaw Complaints

  • Animal Services

  • Illegal & Nuisance Signs

  • City Owned Tree Issues

  • Waste & Trash Related Issues

Q11: Roads & Traffic

Coming Soon…

  • Transit Schedules

  • Snow Clearing Progress

  • Street Sweeping & Leaf Collection

  • Road Construction Projects

  • Traffic Reports

  • Road Closures

  • Notifications

Coming Soon…

  • Where to Vote?

  • Receive Notifications

    • Construction Projects
    • Upcoming Events
    • Waste Collection Reminders
  • Recreation Programs

  • Permits and Inspection Scheduling

  • Job / Employment Information

  • Parking Permits

  • Utility Bill Payments

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