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The Growing Presence of Chatbots and Why Qwhery’s is Right for You

BURLINGTON, ON, CANADA – (March 28, 2022) – Qwhery’s chatbot works with your existing business systems, helping your customers find the information they need on your website, quick!

Chatbots, What Are They?

A chatbot is an application that simulates human conversation, either via voice or text communication. The programming uses artificial intelligence and language processing to understand what they are being asked, and provides the user with pre-programmed responses driving them to their desired outcome. 

Chatbots are a good way to engage customers who visit your website but need a hand finding specific information. They can help visitors get what they need quickly and with ease. Messaging apps are gradually becoming the preferred method for customers connecting with businesses in certain aspects. In fact, a recent survey by Applause revealed that 44% of participants actually expect voice assistants and search in mobile […]

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Open Data Week: What is Open Data and Why is it Important?

BURLINGTON, ON, CANADA – (March 11, 2022) – This week we celebrated Open Data Week, where groups across the globe spread awareness about the benefits of open data use. As a company built from open data, Qwhery spent the week sharing its top 5 benefits for local governments. 

Open Data Week

This year, Open Data Week took place from March 5th to the 13th. The week-long event aims to spread awareness to organizations and the public about the benefits of open data, such as increased efficiency, transparency, innovation, and economic growth. Groups like BetaNYC host events and execute initiatives to encourage the adoption of open data policies in government, business, and society as a whole.

Qwhery is a company built from open data and advocates for its release and use by governments and companies. The Qwhery Cloud platform, along […]

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Qwhery Integrates with ArcGIS Solutions

BURLINGTON, ON, CANADA – (February 25, 2022) – Did you know that Qwhery integrates with ArcGIS Solutions, offering residents the ability to ask GIS-type questions, through conversational interactions with smart speakers and virtual assistants? 

What are ArcGIS Solutions?

ArcGIS Solutions, created by Esri Inc., is a collection of apps and focused maps that help address challenges in organizations. Intersecting business and technology, the solutions reshape your organizations’ use of ArcGIS, ensuring that the efficiency of the time you are taking, and the investment you are making in location-based data and technology are maximized. 

As ready-to-deploy packages, ArcGIS Solutions reduce the time it usually takes to deploy geo-enabled solutions in organizations, increasing the business impact they make. You can easily get the solutions running with your ArcGIS Online organization or deploy them […]

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MapScaping Podcast ft. Qwhery, “A Voice Interface for Geospatial Data”

BURLINGTON, ON, CANADA – (January 19, 2022) – Qwhery’s CEO, Matt Pietryszyn, sat down with Daniel O’Donohue on his podcast MapScaping, “a podcast for the geospatial community”. 


Daniel and Nina O’Donohue started MapScaping in 2018, originally made to be a place to showcase and sell their created minimalist maps based on elevation data. As their following grew, they shifted focus to educating others about how maps are made. 

In 2019, they published their first episode of The MapScaping Podcast, and since then, have been able to introduce thousands of listeners to new ideas and innovations in the geospatial world.

A Voice Interface for Geospatial Data

During our conversation with O’Donohue, we got to discuss the increasing overall presence of voice technology in everyday settings, and what that means for voice systems, such as Qwhery. With over one-third of […]

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2021 – A Year in Review

Happy New Year!

We hope that the start of the new year is treating you well. As we leave 2021 behind, we believe it’s important to reflect on all of the wonderful opportunities we have had. Whether it be winning the Open Data Award for Impact, to launching Marketplace Milton and myDurham 311, we hope that you enjoy our year in review as much as we have enjoyed 2021. Here’s to 2022 and all that is to come!

Matt Pietryszyn
CEO / Co-founder

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Qwhery collaborates with Durham Region to launch myDurham 311, the “first-of-its-kind” voice system

BURLINGTON, ON, CANADA – (November, 2021) – Qwhery, in partnership with Durham Region, launched myDurham 311, the Region’s first-of-its-kind smart home device voice service.

Durham Region

The Region of Durham, Ontario, Canada  is committed to improving their residents’ experience. Focused on making information more accessible to individuals, their Smart City strategy includes creating an omnichannel approach to communication.

Their ongoing efforts in providing more effective services for residents was shown when they were recognized by the Intelligent Community Forum as one of 2021’s Smart21. Wanting to take it a step further, they started with making geospatial data and services a key component of their Smart City Strategy.

Smart City Challenge

In the Spring of that same year, the Region, in partnership with the Ontario Centre of Innovation and Spark Centre challenged various enterprises to help make Regional services more publicly accessible, and through […]

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Qwhery Wins Open Data Award for Impact from Canadian Open Data Society

BURLINGTON, ON, CANADA – (September 13th, 2021) –  Qwhery is happy to announce that we were named the recipient of the Open Data for Impact Award by the Canadian Open Data Society, a national nonprofit organization that represents open data supporters promoting and supporting open data initiatives across Canada.

Canadian Open Data Awards

The Canadian Open Data Awards were created by the hosts of the Canadian Open Data Summit in 2016 to acknowledge and celebrate excellence in open data across Canada. Due to COVID-19, it had been 2 and a half years since the last call for nominations.

The 2021 Canadian Open Data Society awarded eight prizes, with the five main categories being honour achievements in accessibility, innovation, democracy, impact, and data quality.

Impact Award

Qwhery Inc. was awarded the Open […]

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Qwhery Participates in the Entrepreneurship World Cup as a Canadian National Finalist

BURLINGTON, ON, CANADA – (August 17th, 2021) – Qwhery had the pleasure of participating in the Entrepreneurship World Cup as a Canadian National Finalist. The World Cup is an annual event in which a handful of startups are given the chance to present their business model pitches to a panel of judges.

Entrepreneurship World Cup

The Entrepreneurship World Cup takes place annually, and since its launch in 2019, it has supported more than 300,000 entrepreneurs in 200 countries. Numerous national competitions take place over several months, ending with the top 25 startups pitching on a global stage for a share of $1 million USD.

For the EWC 2021, CEO Matt Pietryszyn, on behalf of Qwhery Inc, presented Qwhery’s business model as a Canadian National Finalist, alongside 8 other startups for a chance to go to the World Finals in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. 

While Qwhery […]

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Marketplace Milton, A “One-Stop Shop for Voice-Enabled Business Searching”

BURLINGTON, ON, CANADA – (June, 2021) – Qwhery launched Marketplace Milton as a convenient way to access local business information in the Halton Region and the Region of Peel.

A Community Collaboration Project

Voice assistants and voice-activated searches are becoming a first choice for information seeking among young adults and tech savvy individuals. In turn, Main street businesses are facing difficulties in moving beyond traditional search engine optimization (SEO) towards gaining a presence in voice-enabled searches. This further begged the question as to how local businesses could increase their likelihood of appearing in voice-activated search results, despite being alongside national chains and franchises.

The Milton Chamber of Commerce and Downtown Milton BIA (Business Improvement Area), Haltech client, and Qwhery Inc., with support from Digital Main Street’s Future Proof program, developed a Community Collaboration project that would prove helpful for the local businesses and consumers. This […]

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